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Database Application Development

Muswell Tech offers relational database application design for single-user desktop or multi-user environments. Benefits include:

  • Multi-user database access
  • Effective data synchronisation
  • Efficeint updates and reduction of data entry errors
  • Separation of back-office and desktop data access
  • Central point of backup and data security
  • Availability of data for web, mobile & intranet applications
  • Scalable concurrency & locking

For Windows and Microsoft Office environments we offer application development with Microsoft Access which integrates well with Excel spreadsheets.

For Macintosh and cross-platform environments we offer application development with Filemaker Pro which runs on both Windows and Macintosh.

Use Spreadsheets with a Database

Office databases often start out as Excel spreadsheets and stay that way due to the lack of available database expertise. Spreadsheets, however, are a non-relational data format which cannot be queried using SQL. Spreadsheets also make it difficult to keep your data syncronised when the same spreadsheet is edited by multiple users where there is the additional risk of data corruption.

An alternative to developing a database application from scratch is to connect existing spreadsheets to a MySQL or PostgreSQL back-end via the available connectors. The database still needs to be developed as with a new application but the cost of a new data input interface is removed.

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No call-out fee. Minimum fee: 1 hour for Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Highgate, Wood Green & Bounds Green. Elsewhere it's 2 hours.
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