Local Computer Support

Data Recovery

If your computer is constantly freezing or if it won't even boot you're either the victim of a malicious software attack (viruses, trojans, intrusions etc.) or the hardware has failed. We offer a range of services to deal with all disaster scenarios:

  • Data recovery to an external drive if the hard drive is still working
  • Component testing: hard drive, memory, power supply & motherboard
  • Replacement of hard drives, memory, power supplies & motherboards
  • Re-installation of Windows & Mac OS X
  • Restoration of backed-up data

Hard drive mechanical failure

If you hard drive has completely failed mechanically and refuses to start when powered we would refer you to a data recovery specialist as this requires disassembling the disk under laboratory conditions.

Tech tip: Dual boot Windows & Linux

Your hard drive can be partitioned for installation of Windows & Linux in a dual boot configuration. Since Windows is the most vulnerable to degradation, virus infection and general failure you can, with this setup, boot into Linux to assist recovery from any problems affecting your Windows installation. Better still, install Linux on a second disk where it can operate outside your Windows environment and remain completely stable.

Tech Support: £40/hour on-site
No call-out fee. Minimum fee: 1 hour for Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Highgate, Wood Green & Bounds Green. Elsewhere it's 2 hours.
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