Local Computer Support


Securing your computer against remote attacks, trojans and viruses is becoming an increasingly complex necessity, particularly if you are using Windows. We offer a range of services to help you improve the security of your computer:

  • Installation of Windows anti-virus & anti-spyware programs
  • Disabling unnecessary Windows services
  • Setup of firewall software
  • Installation of dual boot Windows & Linux systems
  • Training in the use of a Linux live CD for secure internet banking
  • Configuration of Standard (Mac) & Limited User (Windows) accounts
  • Replacement of direct internet connections with routers/access points

Tech tip: use a Linux live CD for banking

Internet banking is a particularly lucrative target for criminals so it's no surprise that the brightest minds have been hired to develop devious ways of circumventing the security of online transactions. If your computer is vulnerable to remote access and you have sensitive bank details stored on it you are a prime target for such criminals. Since these attacks depend on 2 conditions - use of Windows and stored bank details - one solution is to use a Linux live CD for transactions. Booting into the Linux system from a CD means nothing is stored when the CD is removed at the end of the session and with Linux you're using a secure operating system which is safe from attacks aimed at Windows.

Tech Support: £40/hour on-site
No call-out fee. Minimum fee: 1 hour for Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Highgate, Wood Green & Bounds Green. Elsewhere it's 2 hours.
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