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Website Development & Maintenance

Muswell Tech offers professional web development ranging from simple static sites to bespoke projects developed in popular web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Node.js and Laravel. We also offer content management websites developed with WordPress and Drupal.

Static Site (from £350)

Static websites contain no back-end code and have the following benefits:

  • Cheap or free hosting eg. Github pages
  • Can be hosted on a CDN for worldwide caching
  • Pages load much faster
  • No security issues to worry about
  • Self-editable with some knowledge of HTML and CSS

WordPress Site (from £450)

WordPress websites use a back-end database and have the following features:

  • Pro: Cheap hosting is widely available
  • Pro: Content management system for self-editing
  • Pro: Built with mature open source software
  • Pro: Quality admin interface
  • Pro: Wide range of plugins for adding features
  • Con: Requires vigilance to keep software up to date
  • Con: Heavily targeted by hackers

Web Appliction Development (£385/day)

A web application designed to your specification has the following benefits:

  • Includes features unique to your project
  • Can be adpated to add new features easily
  • Better mobile optimisation
  • Easy to scale when traffic increases
  • Large-scale projects achievable, eg. ecommerce, social network
  • Custom monitoring tools and analytics available

Site Updates & Legacy Code (£45/hour)

We are happy to maintain your website if you no longer have the technical staff. This can range from simple content updates to web framework upgrades and legcay code editing.

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Tech Support: £40/hour on-site
No call-out fee. Minimum fee: 1 hour for Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Highgate, Wood Green & Bounds Green. Elsewhere it's 2 hours.
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